NHL stars' significant others continue custom jacket playoff tradition

The Bruins WAGS jackets were designed by fashion designer, Ben Weiner. Jeanius Jackets

The Stanley Cup playoffs' most fashionable tradition continues to happen off the ice: the custom-made jackets for the players' significant others.

It's a tradition that has spanned at least a decade, incorporating team logos and players' names and numbers into inventive designs to support an NHL championship push.

This season's looks span from old-school outerwear to classic Canadian tuxedos. Joining us in breaking down the WAG jackets this season is Lexi LaFleur Brown, a hockey romance author, social media hockey influencer and the wife of former NHL forward J.T. Brown.

"Winning a Cup takes a full family effort and you best believe these women play a big part in that," Brown said.

Boston Bruins

These bomber jackets were designed by Ben Weiner, a Boston-area fashion designer who creates custom jerseys as well as jackets known as Jeanius Jackets. The details on this one are remarkable. They're designed as "centennial" playoff jackets, as the franchise celebrates its 100-year anniversary.

The colors are inspired by that celebration, as well as the bear logo on the arms. Each player's significant other has his name stitched on to the labels, as well. "These jackets are a fan favorite this year and for good reason," said Brown. "It's timeless and well-crafted. These jackets aren't just a fun accessory, they're keepsakes."

Florida Panthers

These Panthers jackets have rhinestones, denim and some really sharp logo work on the back and the arms. "The Panther women are serving a head-to-toe Canadian tux look, and for that I thank them," said Brown.

It's simple but effective. Look, it's South Florida in May. It's not like they're going to be wearing a Canadian down jacket.

New York Rangers

The Rangers are famously one of the only teams in the NHL without a suited mascot. We're not saying that New York is all business, but the fact that the players' significant others are sans jackets for the playoffs gives the same energy. Instead, they rocked the jerseys of their players.

"It's rare to see hockey wives and girlfriends wearing jerseys to NHL games, which is why pulling up to Game 1 in vintage Rangers jerseys was an unexpected play. One that paid off, because they all look incredibly cool, and vintage jerseys have always been a street-style staple," said Brown.

Dallas Stars

Taylor Kampa Olson of TKO Paintings designed last season's Dallas Stars jackets too. Last playoff run, it was all about painted leather jackets. This time it's different material but another striking paint job -- especially the streetwear-inspired names and lettering on the back.

Colorado Avalanche

These satin jackets incorporate the team colors but have some interesting touches that separate them from similar looks. "There are a lot of playoff bowling jackets this year, but the Avs' better halves delivered what I believe to be the best one. I love that they opted to put the logo on the arm and have Colorado across the front," said Brown.

Vancouver Canucks

A lot of thought went into these throwback vibe jackets -- that almost look like they could be alternate NHL sweaters -- created by Vancouver's IN|HOUSE Design Studio. "These jackets are by far the most personalized of the bunch. From the player names under the collars to pet and children names on the sleeves, no detail was spared," said Brown.

Edmonton Oilers

In a postseason filled with bold looks, Edmonton went in another direction: a black leather jacket with stitched names on the back and a text logo on the front. Lauren Kyle, the fiancée of Oilers star Connor McDavid, said the design process started over a month before the playoff started.

"Sometimes, when there's too many cooks in the kitchen, it becomes an issue. So what I do is make three mockups, send them to the group and everybody votes on one," Kyle told the Oilers+ pregame show. "This year, I was inspired by the current fashion trend. Stylistic, simplistic and it looks amazing on everyone."