NBA free agency 2024: Ranking the top 20 players available

LeBron James and James Harden are two of the high-profile free agents this summer. Photo by Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire

Although NBA free agency has diminished in star power in recent years, this summer's class of free agents could be highlighted by the leading scorer in league history. If he declines a $51.4 million player option for 2024-25, LeBron James will be an unrestricted free agent for the first time since joining the Los Angeles Lakers via free agency in 2018.

A number of top free agents, most notably two-time NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, have already taken themselves out of the mix by signing extensions during the season. Still, as we look ahead to free agency -- which can officially begin after the NBA Finals, when teams are free to negotiate with their own free agents -- there are a handful of top players who could change teams, led by Leonard's LA Clippers teammate Paul George.

Free agency wasn't a key factor in building the four rosters that reached the conference finals, but it has been an important tool in the New York Knicks becoming contenders. A year ago, they signed my fifth-ranked free agent, Golden State Warriors guard Donte DiVincenzo, and saw him enjoy a career season alongside fellow free agency addition Jalen Brunson in the backcourt.

Let's take a look at this year's top players available by my multiyear SCHOENE player projections, which factor in performance over the past three seasons and the development of similar players at the same age as well as utilizing adjusted plus-minus data from Krishna Narsu to incorporate value not captured by the box score.