WWE Profile - Mick Foley

Nick Laham for ESPN

Mick Foley

  • D.O.B.: June 7, 1965

  • Billed from: Long Island, New York

  • Billed height: 6-foot-2

  • Billed weight: 287 pounds

  • Signature moves: Mandible Claw, Double Arm DDT

  • Nicknames: "The Hardcore Legend"

  • Catchphrase: "Have a nice day!"

  • WWE main roster debut: April 1, 1996

WWE Accolades

  • 3-time WWE world champion; first win on Dec. 29, 1998 (Monday Night Raw)

  • 8-time WWE tag team champion (with The Rock [3x], Kane [2x], Steve Austin, Al Snow and Chainsaw Charlie); first win on July 14, 1997 (Monday Night Raw)

  • Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame (2013)

Other Notes

  • Multi-time New York Times bestselling author

  • Appeared in multiple television shows ("Robot Wars", "Boy Meets World", "30 Rock", "Now and Again")