Why your MLB team didn't do what you wanted this winter

Ben Jackson/Getty Images

The last couple of seasons, toward the end of spring training, we've looked at the reasons behind why teams didn't make certain moves during the winter.

Thanks to the glacial pace of this year's hot stove, we had to delay this, because we couldn't ask, "Why the heck didn't my team get X?" when it might then turn around and get X. The letter X, as you probably have guessed, represents a move that entering the offseason, you figured the team might make and then ... didn't. The X is different for every team.

Now we're into the regular season, and the top free agents have all latched on with new or old teams, and we've seen more than a week of 2024 rosters in action.

Finally, we can ask: Why the heck didn't my team get X?