Cody Rhodes donates ring to Uganda-based Soft Ground Wrestling

Cody Rhodes finished his story at WrestleMania XL by dethroning Roman Reigns for the Universal championship. WWE/Getty Images

Cody Rhodes is a WWE mainstay, but he's working to ensure his legacy will also be enshrined in a different wrestling association: Soft Ground Wrestling.

Soft Ground Wrestling, better known by its initials SGW, is a wrestling promotion and development association based in Uganda. It gets its name from the promotion's distinctive venue -- wrestlers square off in open dirt, instead of a canvas ring.

That name may need a rebrand soon, though.

Rhodes, fresh off defending his WWE championship title, reached out to SGW promising to purchase the association a more traditional wrestling ring.

"One thing that we can universally bond on is our love for pro wrestling," Rhodes said. "With that said, you guys need a proper wrestling ring."

Rhodes, who will be defending his undisputed WWE championship in an "I Quit" match against AJ Styles this weekend, found a Ugandan resident to construct such a ring for SGW.

"It is on me," Rhodes said. "My gift to you. The wrestling business has literally given me everything in my life that I could possibly dream of, and I would just like to give something back to you guys, welcome you officially into this big wide world of pro wrestling."

The rapidly growing SGW isn't new to attention from big names in wrestling. Former WWE veteran duo Mase and Mansoor recently made the trip to Uganda to help fundraise for the promotion, and recent AEW champion Will Ospreay has also taken to social media to express his interest in one day making his own SGW debut.