Bill Belichick thanks Patriots fans for their 'passion, power'

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Former New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick wrote a heartfelt thank-you letter to fans that appeared in The Boston Globe on Sunday.

The Patriots and Belichick mutually parted ways after 24 seasons on Jan. 11. When Belichick and owner Robert Kraft stood together to announce the decision, Belichick had referenced how much the team's fans had meant to him, which he put into writing in his full-page advertisement.

The letter was written "To Patriots fans everywhere," had a blue background, included a picture of Belichick from one of the team's six Super Bowl championship parades and ran on Page A3 of the newspaper.

"Nowhere in America are pro sports fans as passionate as in New England and for 24 years, I was blessed to feel your passion and power," Belichick wrote. "The Patriots are the only NFL team representing SIX states but in reality, Patriots Nation knows no borders.

"You were undaunted by weather, attended scorching hot training camp practices and braved Foxborough's coldest, wettest, snowiest and windiest days. Your thoughtful letters offered support, critique, and creative play suggestions. You watched on TV, the internet, and from your stadium seats.

"You traveled from coast to coast and internationally. Numerous times, you overtook opposing stadiums and were the last fans standing. We loved it! You gave your precious time, resources, and energy to our team. We appreciated it!"

Belichick, 71, had interviewed for the Atlanta Falcons' head-coaching job that went to Raheem Morris. With every head-coaching job filled, if Belichick doesn't take an assistant coaching job, 2024 will be the first season since his senior year of college in 1974-75 that he will not be coaching in the NFL in any capacity.

Belichick's impact in New England has also been reflected by billboards across the region thanking him.

In his letter, Belichick mentioned how much the Super Bowl parades through the streets of Boston meant to him, in part because of the connection with fans.

"Six times, you packed Boston by the millions for parades that were truly a two-way expression of gratitude and love. The images from those days are burned in my memory," he wrote, before turning to humor.

"You may even have enjoyed my fashion sense and press conferences, or maybe you just tolerated them. I loved coaching here and, together, we experienced some amazing moments."

Belichick concluded by writing in all capital letters "THANK YOU ALL," then "with respect and admiration" and his signature.