Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That is all from us, do catch on Sunday for the third and the last game. Until then, this is Thilak Ram signing off on behalf of Vairavan, doe voorzichtig en welterusten. Bye!

Babar Azam: We have a good start with the fast bowling and a little bit moisture and the fast bowlers bowled very well in the first 10 overs and took wickets and later on spinners Shadab and Nawaz bowled very well and took wickets. We wanted to bowl first. Definitely because of in the morning it had moisture on that's why I told you we'll be bowling first because of a different type of pitch. Credit to the fast bowlers and spinners. ( On Salman Agha) We are trying different combination and Agha second match and has showed his class and definitely the playing more game and they have more confidence and belief they play very well and today and looking forward to the next match.

Scott Edwards: I think at the start, we knew it was gonna be a little bit at start and we probably went a little bit too hard. Three down in the first ten, always hard to come back from I thought Tommy and Bas were awesome. And then we just we just needed someone to go with Bas there at the end. We were sort of thinking around 250 would have had us in the game. Even if Bas and Tom had probably got another 5-10 overs in probably could have adjusted up from there. But as it was we just couldn't get going in the lower order. (On raw pace and facing finger spin) I think the wicket this week it does play well for finger spinners and he was getting quite a bit out of the surface. So yeah, it's disappointing to probably hand a few wickets away throughout the innings. I think there's a lot of positives still to take. But it's the same thing. We just want that win so, building on where we are and hopefully get that win on Sunday

Mohammad Nawaz in the player of the match: It looks like Karachi today and I did enjoy it very much today. . I think sometimes it's a little bit difficult because once they face 90 miles per hour, the bowlers and then they come after me but it's sometimes it's good as well because if I bowl in the good area so it can be like wickets coming to for me, sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not very good.. My focus is to perform as a all rounder for my team, whether it comes to for batting bowling, I just give my 100% and whenever my team needs, my team needs and I must perform an all rounder for them.

Nader Abbas: "Too early to say but Agha Salman seems to be filling Hafeez' shoes? Or talented young Qasim Akram could be like for like candidate!"

Clinical performance from the Pakistani batters to take 2-0 lead in the series, after the initial hiccup, skipper Babar and Rizwan played cautiously to settle things down. Agha Salman came in to replace his skipper and started mowing from ball one. Rizwan hung there to get to his fifty and Salman bashed through. Nothing much to read on the bowling card, though Kingma was brilliant early on

Kingma to Agha Salman, SIX, he's done it in style, slower length ball, gets underneath the ball and hoicks over deep midwicket for a huge one and gets to his maiden ODI fifty
Kingma to Agha Salman, FOUR, in the slot, just on off stump and thumped back over the bowler for a boundary

A hit away from series win

Kingma to Agha Salman, 2 runs, fuller and wider, carved over cover for a couple more
Kingma to Agha Salman, FOUR, saunters down the track and whacks it over wide mid-off for a boundary

Finally Kingma back into the attack

33 | 12 Runs | PAK: 175/3 (12 runs required from 17 overs, RR: 5.30, RRR: 0.70)

  • Mohammad Rizwan69 (82b)
  • Agha Salman34 (31b)
  • Tim Pringle9-1-55-0
  • Logan van Beek6-0-38-0

Daroo Khan Nasa: "Good that Rizwan is back.. his form is essential for Pakistan's progress... I think Haris Sohail needs to be brought back.. he is the only fine and technically sound batter who can work wonder in the middle order... "

Pringle to Mohammad Rizwan, SIX, across the stumps and slogs high. Vikramjit comes across from midwicket but fails to get any hand on this one, sails over.
Pringle to Mohammad Rizwan, 2 runs, arm ball and sweeps, beats midwicket and they pinch two
Pringle to Mohammad Rizwan, no run, gets low and sweeps, can't beat short fine

Pakistan 2nd innings Partnerships

1st10Fakhar ZamanImam-ul-Haq
2nd1Babar AzamImam-ul-Haq
3rd88Mohammad RizwanBabar Azam
4th92Mohammad RizwanAgha Salman